Measurement of Oil bound Distemper| Oil bound Distemper Painting Process

Measurement of Oil Bond Distemper,Oil Bond Distemper Painting Process,Rule for deduction for Painting Work,Oil Bond Distemper painting paints
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Oil bound Distemper Painting Process

A wall to be thoroughly scrapped with sand paper before Oil bound Distemper is applied.

Oil bound Distemper Painting material should be of Good Quality with companies such as Asian,Nerolac,Berger Etc. 

Where painting is to be done with Oil Bond Distemper, all uneven surfaces shall thoroughly cleaned of all dust dirt and sand papered including rubbing the surface with 60 grit grinding stone in case of smooth plastered  surface (without neat cement / neeru finished surfaces).

Measurement of Oil bound Distemper, Oil bound Distemper Process
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 One primer coat with birla white putty shall be applied and rubbed smooth with sand paper to prepare the surface. The surface thus prepared shall be free from undulations / waviness.

The prepared surface shall then be applied with minimum 2 coats of   Oil bound Distemper to be applied with roller / brush to give an even finish.

 It shall be applied with a stroke of the brush from the top downwards, another from bottom upwards over the first stroke and similarly one stroke from the right and another from the left over the first brush, before it dries. 

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Minimum two coats shall be applied on the plastered surface for desired finish. If the desired finish is not obtained then third coat but if surface is properly prepared then need of third coat is not required.

Tender Rate Analysis for Oil Bond Distemper Painting

Tender Rate Analysis for Oil bound Distemper Painting, the rate shall be applicable for carrying out the work at all heights, double scaffolding etc. Extra 20% shall be added to the area for AC corrugated sheets and 10% for semi corrugated sheets, cornices and others.  Rate of Oil bound Distemper Painting vary from 110sqm-125sqm with Material and Labour depending upon the quality of the Oil bound Distemper Paint.

Measurement of Oil bound Distemper

Measurement of Oil bound Distemper is done in Square Meter.

Rule for deduction for Painting Work

 i)   No deductions shall be made for opening or end steel joints, beams, post girders etc. up to 0.5 SqM area. No addition shall be made for joints, soffits and sills of such openings. This is applicable to both the sides of the wall. 

         ii) Where opening exceeds 0.5 SqM but does not exceed 3 SqM and also when only one side of the wall is treated and other side is not treated, deduction shall be made if the width of the reveal on the treated sides is less than that on the untreated side but if the width of the reveal is more then no deduction nor addition shall be made for reveals for jambs, soffits, sills etc.

         iii) For openings more than 0.5 SqM but not exceeding 3 SqM and also when both the sides of the wall is painted with the similar paint, deduction shall be made for one face only. But when both the sides treated with different paint, then deduction shall be made from the side on which the reveal is less and no deduction on the other side.      

   iv) For openings whose respective areas exceed 3 SqM deduction shall be made for the full opening of the wall treatment on both faces while at the same time jambs, sills and soffits shall be measured in sq m for payment.  In measuring the jambs deduction shall not be made for the area in contact with the frames of doors, windows etc.         

 v)  Nothing extra shall be paid for double scaffolding and the rate is applicable for work at all levels.   

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