Pvc vinyl flooring

Pvc vinyl flooring Thickness for various factory and Commercial purpose are-

1.  2mm Thk PVC vinyl flooring & skirting  

2. 1 mm Thick PVC vinyl flooring

3.  1.5 mm Thick PVC vinyl flooring

4. 3 mm Thick PVC vinyl flooring

Pvc vinyl flooring is very durable with commercial grade wear layers that can withstand heavy traffic.

Pvc vinyl flooring Installation Methods

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Pvc vinyl flooring Material Specifications

PVC flooring material shall conform to IS: 3462. It may be tiles, sheet or rolls as specified.

 It shall consist of a thoroughly blended composition of thermoplastic binder, filler and pigments.

 It shall be of approved make and shade and the thickness as specified.

Pvc vinyl flooring Installation Methods

PVC vinyl flooring shall be laid over IPS, concrete or any plane flooring. The tiles / rolls shall be fixed as per   the Manufacturer’s specifications.

 Before commencing the work the sub floor shall be examined for evenness and dryness. The sub-floor shall be cleaned with cloth, air blower.

The flooring should not be laid unless the sub-floor is perfectly dried. The layout of the PVC flooring on sub-floor to be covered should be marked with guidelines.

The PVC flooring shall then be laid for trial without adhesive and set the pattern.  The PVC flooring should then be fixed with application of rubber based adhesive of approved make as per recommendation of the manufacturer.

 The PVC tiles shall be laid edge to edge without any gap whereas the sheet / rolls to be welded to give an even and uniform finish.

After laying the flooring material it shall be tapped with suitable roller weighing 5 Kg to develop proper contact. It shall be ensured that full contact is made and no air pocket or formed. Cills, doorways, skirting shall be provided under this item observing necessary care and with due protection of the edges.

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Pvc vinyl flooring Measurement

Pvc vinyl flooring and skirting shall be measured in SqM.

Pvc vinyl flooring Price

Pvc vinyl flooring Price 2mm thickness rates are generally 28/sqft and 45/sqft if you go for the Anti-static Pvc vinyl flooring.

Labour rate of Pvc vinyl flooring

Labour rate of Pvc vinyl flooring is 5/sqft and extra charges for thermal wielding and even coil required for the Pvc vinyl flooring thermal wielding.

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