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Our vision

Main Vision of the Thetechface Team is to create a resource from which the young guns can learn how to blog and earn from that, we are working on many pdf of that and soon we launch that so that people can start working on blog and convert their hardwork into the successful blog. It will also guide the young civil engineer who face lots of problems when they start their carrier we will  provide them good notes from which they can learn.

Our Story

Our Story Started in the year of 2009 from where i started work on my first Blog Thetechface.com. At that time there were no Blogging Guru and expert you have to start by your own and Fight by learning each and every step. That where i begin into blogging and last year i forget to rename that domain that let me to loss my premium domain but now I started with same try my best to get back the same trust and same love which people have given me for my blog thetechface.com.

Meet the Team

Vivek Mishra

vivek mishra,thetechface owner

Founder & CEO

Compassionate, Caring, understanding,helpful and a great listener. I’m here for you, not for myself.

My Completed Certifications

Get certified in the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Get certified in the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Next Steps…

Our First Step is to connect with our Viewer and Learn some response from them from which we can improve our articles as well as Improve our Quality in Long Run

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