Top 5 Twitter Marketing Fails of 2017

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Mistakes which we should avoid in Twitter Marketing

  There several different mistakes that we can make while we are marketing or promoting our products and services via social networking portals. All of such mistakes and blunders should be avoided especially when you are promoting or advertising on Twitter. In this piece, I am going to list down the top 5 mistakes which we should avoid while using Twitter as a source of marketing products or services.
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Top 5 Twitter Marketing Fails of 2017

  1.       Implying A Schedule As the Feed Of Extremely Simple Syndication

Implying a schedule as the feed of extremely simple syndication happens to be one of the top mistakes which should be avoided in Twitter marketing. This is because it will eliminate some of the most important aspects in doing business via networking. It is necessary that you should strengthen your networks with your existing as well you potential consumers while you are using networking as a vital marketing tool. You will create your own limitations while you are degrading the network you have been associated with, presently. In this manner, you will bind yourself to the group of people you had previously been associated with and they shall not join you anymore. This is going to eventually bring down your followers as they will observe that you are suffering with a lack of followers in the past.

 2.       Revision of Alike Tweets Continually

Repetition of anything makes an individual bored and it is not at all recommended specially when related to social media marketing. It creates a mess and therefore it should be avoided one way or the other. When you are aware of the fact that your Twitter followers will find your content on your blog then why you should revise alike tweets again and again?

 The primary factor why mostly people keep on revising similar content on Twitter is because some of their followers may have not gone through it when tweeted lastly. Well, this is one of the biggest misconceptions and should be sorted out fully before you tweet your posts again.

 3.       Making Use of Auto-Chase Strategy to Brag That You Have Many Followers

This particular technique is also regarded as one of the top 5 mistakes which should be avoided when using Twitter as your marketing too. You just require a group of active and real-time readers and not the sprinkling of your content through those who perhaps are not interested in what you have to say.

 4.       Replicating and Pasting From Commerce Sites

Instead of opting for the Copy/Paste technique which is going to make you look more like a spam, you should write down tweets that are creative and original. This is because they are going to do a better job and would be useful in promoting your business as well.

 5.       Pronouncing Your Products Description or Offer

If you are making offers or pronouncing your products to an extent which actually does not exist, you will be making one of the top 5 mistakes that should be avoided while marketing through the portal of Twitter. This is because sooner or later, people will observe the variation in fake and real faces. This way, you will not only lose sales but also it will give a false impression to the entity overall.

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