How to Fix Error Too Many Redirection Issue in WordPress

Fix Error Too Many Redirection Issue in WordPress, Redirection Issue in WordPress,Too Many Redirection Issue in WordPress
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 Is this the message you got while trying to access a WordPress site? You are in the right place. This error has nothing to do with web traffic or your web browser. You need to wait for the website to return to working condition. If it’s your blog, then trouble is in your head. 

I guess you are really eager to know the “Quick Fix” method and move on. Let me tell you one thing, don’t go for quick fix method because it will lead to another problem if that wasn’t the actual solution.

Brainstorming recent things will really help to solve any kind of issues because you need to know which part is the trouble maker. So let me help you brainstorm about the things just happened with your WordPress site.

 Fix Error Too Many Redirection Issue in WordPress, Redirection Issue in WordPress,Too Many Redirection Issue in WordPress

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How to Fix Error Too Many Redirection Issue in WordPress

1. Moved my WordPress site from one hosting to another and when tried to access homepage, this error occurred

2. I was developing WordPress blog or site locally using Wamp Server and when I hosted it things gone wrong! (Installed WordPress manually and copied theme and plugin files to hosting via ftp)

3. Exported database from local host and updated in database of live site.

4. Saw some awesome Category or Permalink Redirect Plugin and installed it. (Or activated the same in Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin settings?)

5. Recently made some changes to site title, tagline or some other option in General settings. 

6. I am using WordPress site from and bought new Domain from Provider X and set name servers to but the result is this Too Many Redirects Error. (i.e. other than upgrading directly through

Got your troublemaker? Read the solutions for them. I recommend you to read whole list of solutions so that you can learn more things in WordPress. If you have done nothing wrong, you may need to ask co-admins of your WordPress site and show him this article 

Solution for 1 and 2

Most of the case you will be in first three. In these cases, problem is that, your WordPress address and site address are not the same. This made your WordPress Installation to give Too Many Redirect Error.

T solve this, go to WordPress Dashboard> Settings > General settings and make sure your WordPress address and site address are the same. We often make mistake in www subdomain part.  So if one field contains www subdomain, it should be there in another one also.  

If you couldn’t login to WordPress dashboard, then make necessary changes in files using text editor and upload it once more. 

wp-config.php file in root folder of your WordPress is the file which needs modification.

Add these two lines



Just update this file, you are good to go!

Solution for 3

Sometimes, this error may occur after updating database using export file from localhost. Reason is the same – WordPress address and site address are not the same. Make these to same address using phpMyadmin. 

• Login to phpMyadmin. There will be list of database on left side.

• Select the appropriate one (check wp-config file in case you forgot database name) and it will show you list of tables. “wp-options” is the one you have to choose.

Go through wp-options table and locate “siteurl” and “home” without quotes in “options_name” field. 

• Make sure “option_value” for these two are the same else correct it. 

You can also try previous method for solving this issue. If you have any issues regarding this, just scribble a comment in our comment box

Solution for 4

Deactivate the same in Yoast settings because it may conflict with some Security plugins you have already installed. If deactivating this doesn’t solve the issue, you have to deactivate all plugins one by one starting from Security Plugin if any. If your WordPress site has only few number of plugins, delete all plugins, make a fresh install and activate one by one. 

Solution for 5

In General settings page, you can update your Site Title, Tagline, Set Time zone, etc. While making changes to these, check “WordPress Address” and “Site Address” are the same. If you have read Solution for 1 and 2, answer for this issue is already in your pocket.  

Solution for 6

Check the name servers and make sure you have entered it correctly. Even after this, if it shows up Too Many redirect Issue, you are in safe zone because it may take up to 72 hours to map the domain correctly.

Hope you got your WordPress back! 

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