TMT Steel Bar price per kg Calculator

TMT Steel Bar one of the major ingredient of Building Construction. TMT Steel Bar is supplied to the contractor or Builder in the form of U-bent or straight rods. TMT Steel Bar is of 40 feet in length. Length of TMT Steel Bar sometimes vary but that of local Brand not the Original Ones. We have written this article TMT Steel Bar price per kg Calculator as i am civil engineer by profession . I know how this topic is important for the civil engineer.

What is Reinforcement steel| Measurement of TMT Reinforcement Bars

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TMT Steel Bar are used by the civil contractors, engineers or architects they brought TMT Steel in form of number of rods, number of bundles, in kgs (kilograms) or tons (MT).

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Weight Tolerance for TMT Steel Bar :-

Weight Tolerance for TMT Steel Bar is 8mm and 10mm: ± 7%, 12mm to 16mm: ± 5%, 20mm to 32mm: ± 3%

How to calculate TMT BAR WEIGHT:-

The formula used to calculate TMT BAR WEIGHT is :-

((dia * dia) / 162) * 12 = weight of one 12 Meter TMT Bar

Diameter of steel are in mm that may vary from 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm or 32mm.

TMT Bars Measurement | Unit weight of steel bars per meter

Calculate TMT Bar Weight  Per Bundle

TMT Size TMT Weight per bundle TMT Rods per bundle
8mm 1 bundle 47.41 kg 10
10mm 1 bundle 51.85 kg 7
12mm 1 bundle 53.33 kg 5
16mm 1 bundle 56.89 kg 3
20mm 1 bundle 59.26 kg 2
25mm 1 bundle 46.30 kg 1
32mm 1 bundle 75.85 kg 1

TMT Steel Bar price per kg Calculator-

Providing, fabricating and fixing in position reinforcement steel confirming to for RCC structures as per design including transporting,  unloading and incidental charges for handling cutting, bending, and binding with two strands of annealed steel wire of 18 gauge, welding if necessary etc. complete as directed.
With high strength deformed steel bars confirming to IS 1786, / high Strength CTD bars of minimum grade Fe 500 / TMT bars of approved make etc.  for all heights below and above plinth level, etc complete as directed.
Description Unit Quantity Rate Amount
Details of cost for 1 quintalMATERIAL Mild steel bars = 1.00 q Wastage 5%    = 0.05 q Total = 1.05 q quintal 1.05 4100 4305.00
Average rate of Mild steel round bars for reinforcements 0.00
 Carriage of Steel 1.05/10 = 0.105t tonne 0.105 92.24 9.69
9999 Cover block L.S 26 1.73 44.98
For straightening, cutting, bending, binding and placing in position 0.00
Blacksmith 1st class day 1 500 500.00
Beldar day 1 368 368.00
Sundries and binding wire L.S 26.91 1.73 46.55
Total 5274.22
Add 1 % Water charges 52.74
Total 5326.96
Add 15 % Contractor’s profit and overheads 799.04
Cost of one quintal 6126.01
Cost per Kg 61.26

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