Testing of Electrical Installation or Testing of Electrical Wiring will be made as per IS 732-1982.

Testing of Electrical Wiring Methods

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  1.  The insulation resistance shall be measured by applying between earth and whole system of conductors of any section thereof with all fuses in place and all switches closed and except in earthed concentric wiring all lamps in position or both poles of the installation otherwise electrically connected together, where a direct current pressure of not less than twice the working pressure provided that it need not exceed 500 Volts for medium voltage circuits. Where the supply is derived from the three wire (A.C or D.C) or a poly phase system, the neutral pole of which is connected to earth either direct or through added resistance, the working pressure shall be deemed to be that which is maintained between the outer or phase conductor and neutral.
  2. The insulation resistance measured as above shall not be less than 50 mega-ohms divided by the number or points on the circuits provided that the whole installation shall be required to have an insulation resistance greater than one mega-ohm.

       3. Control rheostats, heating and power appliances and electric signs may, if required be disconnected from the circuit during the test but in the event of the insulation resistance between the case or frame work and all live parts of each rheostat appliances and all live parts of each rheostat and sign shall be less than that specified in the relevant Indian Standard Specification or where there is no such specification shall not be less than half a mega-ohm

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 4. The insulation resistance shall also be measured between all conductors connected to one pole or phase conductor of the supply and all the conductors connected to the middle wire or the neutral or to the other pole or phase conductors of the supply and its value shall not be less than specified in sub-clause 2.


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