Electric pvc conduit pipe Installation procedure

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How to Install Electric pvc conduit pipe Wiring System

While working at site, Civil Engineer mainly face difficulty in the Electric pvc conduit pipe Installation procedure and they also don’t no how to know the quality of Electric pvc conduit pipe. To help them to know the complete information about the Electric pvc conduit pipe Installation procedure, we will guide everything from the scratch.

What is Electric pvc conduit pipe?

These shall be grey coloured rigid PVC conduit of perfectly circular tubing having minimum wall thickness of medium gauge 1.8 mm approved by F.I.A. & I.S.I. and shall conform to IS 9537 Part III. No PVC conduit of less than 25 mm dia shall be used for electrical wiring. 

  i)   Up to 38 mm diameter – min. 1.8 mm wall thickness

  ii)  Above 40 mm diameter – min. 2.2 mm wall thickness   

Electric PVC Conduit fittings

Connections between PVC conduits should be with rigid PVC conduit accessories only. PVC conduit accessories / fittings such as couplers, unions, bends, tees, junction boxes, reducers, chase nipples, split couplings, plugs etc. should be designed and manufactured for their particular purpose.

 All conduit accessories should be PVC grip type and shall conform to IS: 2667-1964 and IS: 3857-1966. As far as possible, the conduit system should be so laid out that it will alleviate the use of tees, and sharp bends.

No elbows shall be used and only PVC regular bends, slip in type shall be used for bonding/turning.  

In long distance straight runs of conduits, inspection boxes at reasonable intervals shall be provided. The conduit pipes including all bends, unions, couplers, tees, junction boxes etc. forming part of the conduit system shall be adequately supported.

 Large radius while laying bending of conduit at site is to minimize use of readymade bends shall be adopted as far as possible. For diversion purpose pipes shall be bent.

Electric PVC Conduit Cross Section / Size-

Electric PVC Conduitshould be of enough section area to make as per the drawing of PVC wires/cables.

 Total cross section of wires/cables measured overall, should not  be more than half the inside area of the Electric PVC Conduit.

Electric pvc conduit pipe Installation procedure

Electric pvc conduit pipe Installation procedure

Electric PVC Conduit should be laid before Concrete casting in the upper portion of a slab or in PCC if below flooring or otherwise, so as to cover the entire length of conduits and ceiling  boxes with a concrete cover of minimum 12 mm.

Conduits shall be so laid that they are interconnected. This will help the electrician while pulling of wires from different routes in case of any of the portion of conduit or junction box or outlet box is blocked during concrete slab casting.

Construction of bituminous road-Process in Bituminous Road Construction

During the Vertical cutting of walls should be cut in masonry work by the mason to provide sufficient depth to give full thickness of plaster over conduits. The width of the chases will be made to accommodate the required number of conduits.

Electric pvc conduit pipe Installation procedure

The Vertical cutting of walls chases will be filled with cement, coarse sand mortar (1:4) and properly cured by watering by the Labour for 7 days and making cross line over that so when the plaster is done it can make hold with the  plaster .

This filling of chases should be done by electrical mason before the finishing plaster work on walls started.

 When the conduit is to be embedded in a concrete member it should be tied by steel wires to the reinforcement to prevent displacement during casting or due to vibration of concrete.

 Conduit in chases or laid in the slab should be supported at maximum of 1 m centre.  Cutting of chases in any R.C.C. member/finished floor/ already finished wall surface is not allowed.

 If a chase is cut in an already finished surface, mason  should  fill the chases and finish it to match the existing finish

 Worker should not cut any steel reinforcement bars or steel structure to fix the conduits. Puncturing of wooden/ steel shuttering for R.C.C. slab/beams/column etc. for conduit work is also not allowed.

Electric PVC conduit pipe laying through expansion joints in R.C.C. structure should be avoided as much as possible and if impossible, then the flexible conduit pipe should be used with ceiling outlet box on both sides of expansion joint.

How to Install Electric PVC Wall Conduiting pipe Wiring System

Electric PVC Conduit on surface of walls/R.C.C. members shall be avoided as far as possible and if unavoidable clamps, screws and a minimum 5 M conduit laid on surface shall be taken, to achieve best possible workmanship.

During the Electric PVC Conduit work the distance between 2 consecutive clamps for fixing conduit on surface should  not be more than 600 mm.

Rawl plug/steel fastener with hard setting/sealing compound shall be used.

Electric PVC Conduit and Electric boxes fixed on surface should be painted with finishing paint with proper finish.

How to Install Electric PVC Conduiting pipe Wiring System below floor

 During the ground floor Electric conduiting below the flooring should be avoided. Wherever it is unavoidable GI `A’ class pipe or heavy gauge PVC pipe/Raceways shall be used with prior approval of Site Engineer. 

Steel draw wires in Electric PVC Conduit

Electric PVC Conduit should be provided with steel draw wires or we called as fish wires of at least 16 SWG.

How to do Cleaning and Protection of Electric PVC Conduit

The entire Electric PVC Conduit system including outlet boxes, junction boxes and switchboxes should be properly cleaned after completion of work and It should be tested for non-blockage by air/sound or steel wire with minimum 16 gauge prior to finishing of building and before drawing in of cables and wires.  

 To prevent Electric PVC Conduit system against filling up with the plaster or cement  slurry all the outlet and switch boxes is to be filled with the temporary jute or cotton filling, covers and plugs etc.  This should be replaced later on by hylem sheet cover after wiring.

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