PVC Pipe for Plumbing Applications| PVC soil waste Pipe Installation

PVC Pipe for Plumbing Applications,PVC soil waste Pipe Installation,PVC soil waste Pipe Jointing Method,PVC soil waste Pipe Laying Method
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PVC Pipe Plumbing IS Code

All down take PVC Pipe ISI marked brand as per IS:13592-1992, type B ring fitted (for pipe size 110 / 75mm) complete with PVC Fittings conforms to IS: 14735-99 & fittings dimensions as per DIN 19531 & DIN 19534, Rubber ring conforms to IS:5382 with necessary clamps & hinges including cutting and making good the walls.

 The pipes are provided with an integral rubber ring type socket at one end while the other end is kept plain, smooth and free from burrs. Rubber ring type socket ends provide easy push – fit type jointing. for thermal expansion  allowance can also be provided during installation. 

PVC Pipe for Plumbing Fittings

PVC  waste Pipe and Fittings should be as per the corresponding Indian Standard as for pipes. Engineer should use pipes and fittings of matching specification. Access door shall be secured air and water tight with 3mm thick insertion rubber washer and white lead.

The bolts shall be lubricated with grease or white lead for easy removal. Fittings shall be of the same make as that of pipes, injection moulded and shall conform to Indian Standard.

PVC soil waste Pipe Jointing Method

The jointing of the pipes to the fittings shall be done as per the manufacturer’s instructions or recommendation.

The rubber ring socket fittings and pipes shall be jointed as follows:-

1. Clean the outside of the pipes spigot end and the inside of the ceiling groove of the fitting.

2.Apply the lubricant uniformly to the spigot end, sealing ring and pass the spigot end into the socket containing sealing ring until fully home.

3. Mark the position of the socket edge with pencil or felt open on the pipe, then withdraw the pipe from the socket by approximately 10 mm to make the pipe fully fitted to the fitting.

4. The horizontal pipes on the wall shall be fixed with M.S. fabricated clamps with necessary provisions to take care the expansion and contraction in PVC pipes.

5. The spacing of the clamps shall be at the intervals of 1.5 to 2 mtr. depends on the requirement of the supporting arrangements.

 6. Pipe supports shall be primer coated with rust preventive paint.

Laying of GI pipes for water supply-Plumbing Systems

PVC soil waste Pipe Testing Method– PVC Pipe Plumbing Testing Method

Before the system is put into use, it should be tested for leakages by air test, hydraulic test or smoke test.

All lengths of PVC rain water pipes shall be fully tested for water tightness by means of water test maintained for not less than 30 minutes. All pipes shall be subjected to a test pressure of at least 1.5 meter head of water head.

 The pressure for test should not exceed 6 meter head at any point. The pipes shall be plugged with rubber plugs on both ends. The upper end is to be connected to a pipe for filling with water to get the required head.

PVC soil waste Pipe Laying Method

The pipes shall be laid and clamped to wooden plugs fixed above the surface of the wall.

Alternatively plastic or MS clamps of suitable Size may also  be used.

PVC Pipe for Plumbing Applications,PVC soil waste Pipe Installation,PVC soil waste Pipe Jointing Method,PVC soil waste Pipe Laying Method

Provision shall be made for the effect of thermal movement by not gripping or disturbing the pipe at supports between the anchors for suspended pipes. The supports shall allow the repeated movements to take place without abrasion.

PVC Pipe for Plumbing Applications,PVC soil waste Pipe Installation,PVC soil waste Pipe Jointing Method,PVC soil waste Pipe Laying Method

Jointing for UPVC pipes shall be made by means of solvent cement for horizontal lines and `O’ rubber ring for vertical line. The type of joint shall be used as per site conditions.

 Where UPVC pipes are to be used for rain water pipes, the pipe shall be finished with G.I. adopter for insertion in the R.C.C. slab for a water proof joint.

PVC soil waste Pipe Repairs

While temporary or emergency repairs may be made to the damaged pipes, permanent repairs should be made by replacement of the damaged section.

If any split or chip out occurs in the wall of the pipe, a short piece of pipe of sufficient length to cover the damaged portion of the pipe is cut. The sleeve is cut longitudinally and heated sufficiently to soften it so that it may be slipped over the damaged hard pipe.

PVC Pipe for Plumbing mode of Measurement

PVC Pipe for Plumbing is measured in Running Meter.

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