How  to improve Android Smartphone battery life

Android Smartphone battery life,Smartphone battery life,Smartphone battery life CHECK

 Improve Android Smartphone battery life

Powerful things need more power. However apart from joke lets come to the point, there are many user having android smart phone till date. There are many feature rich mobiles also there in market. Lots of things packed with a single smart phone. Just as our life, battery is one of the basic needs of a mobile phone, more battery more use. Now a day’s mobile screens are getting bigger and bigger. Unless we have good battery backup we can’t use the phone a single day without charge. In this topic we will discuss the top 5 tips to improve the battery life of your android phone.


 Android Smartphone battery life,Smartphone battery life,Smartphone battery life CHECK

How  to improve Android Smartphone battery life:-

  1. Don’t always turn on facebook, email, twitter pings.

Today there are many android apps which have instant update frequency i.e. they run in background refreshing second to second consuming your battery to get update instantly. You can change the update frequency of these apps to reduce battery usage. So when you need turn on else turn off this feature.

  1. Turn Off hardware

This happens many times by our unconsciousness. Many times we use Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, and Wi-Fi etc and we forget to switch off them after use. So running in background this hardware consumes a lot battery and also reduces battery health.GPS application consumes heavy battery. So tap the notification bar and see which application and hardware running and turn off them.

  1. Disable apps running in background

In android Smart Phone, go to settings >apps then swipe left; you can see a list of apps running in background. So disable the unnecessary programs not in use. This reduces much battery drain.

  1. Turn Down the brightness

The phone may be looks dashing with higher brightness but causes severe battery-drain when watching videos especially. You can improve your battery heath by dim the screen brightness. Don’t forget to turn off automatic brightness.

  1. Install Some Useful apps

There are many battery health improve apps are available in Google play store and other android market. Many of them don’t work but some of them are good enough to install on your smart phone. They have the feature like automatic turn off display, low battery mode (in this mode many of hardware and apps are turned off automatically by this app and you don’t need to disable separately)

So before you purchase an android smart phone, be careful about its battery backup time. Thank you.

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