How to Use TweetDeck for Twitter Marketing

TweetDeck And Twitter Easily,TweetDeck Twitter tips,TweetDeck And Twitter,Use TweetDeck for Twitter Marketing
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How to Use TweetDeck And Twitter Easily

TweetDeck is a real-time browser and desktop application that connects you with your contacts across Foursquare, LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and more. The reason people love TweetDeck is because it is fully customizable . You can control every tweet, user, and column and if you use it on a regular basis it is guaranteed to save you time to stay ahead of your social media. However, as powerful as it is when you first install it, there is much more that you can do with it.

  TweetDeck And Twitter Easily,TweetDeck Twitter tips,TweetDeck And Twitter,Use TweetDeck for Twitter Marketing

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How to Use TweetDeck for Twitter Marketing

Why Tweetdeck is useful?

Filter by keyword

Being able to filter by keyword is more useful than you might think. For example, if you are looking to retweet some links, you can simply enter a search for “http.” From here, you will find all the messages that contained URLs. Doing a search for “RT @” is also a great idea. The reason is because you can see what your followers believe was worth retweeting. This gives you a good idea of what sort of interests these individuals have. This means that you can mold your message to suit your followers’ needs in order to get more retweets.

One more benefit that TweetDeck offers is handy when you offer a service or consider yourself an expert in a certain field. By searching for “?” you can easily find requests and questions from friends. If you can demonstrate value to others, chances are that they are more likely to retweet your information and recommend you to friends later on.

Multiple Twitter Accounts  TweetDeck Management

Many users have more than one Twitter account. Some people may have a personal account that they only share with friends and family, and also have professional accounts or a separate account for their business. You can manage and add multiple twitter accounts to the same interface when you are using TweetDeck.

· Go to settings
· Go to accounts
· Select add new accounts

Staying aware of your followers

If you are using Twitter for your business or in an attempt to create awareness, you want to stay aware of how many new people are following you. TweetDeck has a column that allows you to see the following about your new followers:

· Whether you are already following that account
· Their Twitter bio
· The amount of followers that they have

This type of information makes it easy to do a weekly follow up if you desire to do so. Stay ahead of the game by knowing who is following you and you may have a better idea of what people are interested in and what may capture their attentions even more.

Block specific content

While it is great that you can find all sorts of information on Twitter, sometimes you do not want to find out a spoiler to your favorite show or read about the score of a game you have TiVo’d. Maybe you are just sick and tired reading about Justin Bieber. In that case, it is good to know that you can block specific sources, people, and words within Tweetdeck.

· Go to settings
· Go to Global Filter
· Fill in the keywords that you want TweetDeck to filter for you

Seeing all tweets

By default, Twitter is not going to display messages that are sent out publically. This means that if someone responds to a @ message, it does not show up in your Twitter timeline. If you want to see every tweet by everyone that you follow (remember, your timeline is about to get a whole lot busier) you can do that the following way.

· Go to settings
· Go to Twitter
· Select “Include @ replies from your friends to others”

  How to Use TweetDeck for Twitter Marketing Final Thoughts

Tweetdeck is a fantastic application, both its browser based and desktop based apps. I personally like the desktop application due to its fast load time and multiple account screen shots where I can see all my facebook and twitter accounts all at once on my large 24 inch lcd. Take note that you will also need fast connecting internet service which nowadays is not that hard to obtain. Most providers are offering at least 5-6 mpb speeds.

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