Damaged Concrete Surfaces are one of the worst experience for a civil Engineer if the work which have cracks or damaged is due to the bad practices adopted by you on the site. Damaged Concrete Surfaces can be easily repaired by the Repair Concrete Surfaces or Concrete Sealers & Repair Materials available in the Market.

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Some of the Concrete crack also due to not providing cover properly and also due to the Temprature of the atmoshphere.

We have came up with a article How to Repair Concrete Surfaces that will help you out in repairing the surface of concrete and giving back its strength.

How to Repair Concrete Surfaces-

1. If you want to Repair Concrete Surfaces first you have to apply water on the area where crack has formed that will let the small lose particles or dust to remove from that area as those particle will not the let the compound to react properly. If you have air gun then provide the air inside the crack so that dust from that area get removed.

2.If the holes are smaller on then Use mortar repair in a caulking tube which you have to fill inside the cracks and that will seal that surface.

3.If the holes are big then you have to make a concrete and mix the chemichal which are avilable in market of Fosroc and Pidlite and mix them accroding to the manufacture specifications.

4.After the application of above process then cure the surface properly if larger holes fixing process is done.

If you face any problem feel free to contact us on any issues like repair larger cracks or holes or small hole.


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