What is Plain Cement Concrete (PCC)?

Plain Cement Concrete (PCC) is additionally referred to as as Cement Concrete (CC) or blinding Concrete.It is used for leveling, bedding for footings, grade slabs, concrete roads etc. PCC is employed to produce non-porous, rigid, impervious, firm and leveled bed for laying RCC, wherever earth is soft and yielding. PCC may be use over brick flat soling or while not brick flat soling.It consists of cement, sand and coarse aggregates mixed with water within the given proportions. Any concrete in which reinforcement is not placed but the proportions of constituents are measured but compressive and tensile strength are not controlled.

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Specifications for Plain Cement Concrete

Plain Cement Concrete (PCC) contains Cement, Coarse sand/Dust and Coarse Aggregate that vary from 40mm-12.5mm as per the Need .

If we go by the Engineering Norms then their are two types of mix ratio i.e. Nominal Mix and Design Mix.
Nominal Mixes are M5, M7.5, M10, M15, M20 that have proprotion based on the calculation that are therotical.
Design Mix start from M25 to M90 and is designed according the the strength requirements.

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Frequently asked question based on Plain Cement Concrete (PCC)

1.What do you mean by grade of concrete 1:4:8?
1 part cement, 4 part fine aggregate and 8 part coarse aggregate.

Why we do Plain Cement Concrete (PCC) Below the Foundation,walls and Floors-

Plain Cement Concrete (PCC) as a name suggest it is Concrete without reinforcement. It is just done to provide the level surface and It is also done to prevent the steel from getting to contact with the soil so that it does not get the moisture from the surface and dont get corrode easily.

Plain Cement Concrete (PCC) is done to provide hard and level surface against the soft and undulation soil


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