How to Recover Data and Delete virus from pen drive

How to Recover Data pen drive ,Delete virus from pen drive ,pen drive DATA HACK,pen drive DATA RECOVER
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Pen Drive a data storage device that consists of flash memory with a universal serial bus service used for Data transfer and data storage purpose. It is basically designed to carry and transfer data to small state”

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We generally use Pen drive in everyday life for data transfer and storage but thing which annoyed us is virus. Virus attack is more frequent than any other factor which let to lose data or corrupt file. Other factor which let to data loss is such as accidentally format of data, power surges electrostatic discharge, not properly removing the pen drive and some time window ask for a format. So I brought up a post for you all on how to remove virus attack from pen drive and how to recover data.

  How to Recover Data pen drive ,Delete virus from pen drive ,pen drive DATA HACK,pen drive DATA RECOVER

 How to Recover Data and Delete virus from pen drive

 Primary way to remove virus or format pen drive:-

Insert Pen drive

S     start>computer

T     then right click on pen drive. Drop down list will open click on Quick Format.

 This will delete the content from pen drive.

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Secondary way to remove virus:-

      Insert Pen drive in an usb port. Then a dialogue box will appear then just you select cancel        from that box.

      Click on start >then select Run >Then press Enter(Command prompt will open)

      Type the Drive letter example G drive “G” followed by (“:”)>Enter (It open a Root Directory)

      Type “dir/w/o/a/p”>Enter to Display a list of Files and Folder Present on the Flash drive.

     Note the existence of any particular :-Autorun.inf,Newfolder.exe,RAVMON.exe,NEW-Folder.exe,SVChoste.exe

      Delete those files which are unprotected by typing “del”.Pressing the spacebar and typing full 

      name For example “wim auturun.inf”

Data loss from pen drive due to virus or accident can let you harm in large amount so this post can we useful if  I did not tell you how to get recover from it. i was finding various software which can  prevent data loss or recover data loss. It solves our all problems such as recover deleted data, pen drive get formatted or damaged, files lost due to software crash. Main and most important thing which really hurt is virus as in this case we are helpless can’t do anything one option left and that is Format. It can solve even that too. It also supports memory card data recovery, card data recovery, external hard disk data recovery, memory stick data recovery. The software which can do all these is Easeus free data recovery software .You can Download it from Here:-DOWNLOAD

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What I say?:-

Pen drive essential part of life in our daily life as it is portable and useful in small data transfers. So give you one suggestion that use it but take some care of it like when you plugging it out first click on eject link and when using it scan it, use quality pen drive. These are the basic thing’s which you should take care of. So come up with your comment and suggestion what you fell about how to use pen drive or any method to prevent pen drive attack.and if you want you can even write for us.

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