GI Barbed Wire

MS posts or concrete pillars and struts shall be of size and section as required at your site they vary from minimum 75mm to max you require, you can also use angle in place of ms post or concrete pillar if you want temporary boundary of site. One end of the angle shall be forked to have grip in the concrete and the other side shall have holes to fix the fencing wire. The post shall be applied with a coat of primer and 2 coats of first quality synthetic enamel paint. The GI barbed wire fencing 1800 Meter High or GI barbed wire fencing 2100 Meter is used at site.

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GI Barbed Wire weight per meter

It shall be 12 to 14 gauges with 4 points barb with two wires twisted together. It shall be circular in section, free from scale and other defects and uniformly galvanized.

GI Barbed Wire - GI Barbed Wire weight per meter

The GI Barbed Wire weight per meter type, length and standard weight are specified below:-

GI Barbed Wire weight per meter

Nominal dia. of wire Line wire Point wire Nominal distance between two barsLength in M/100Kg 
   NominalMin. Max. 

GI Barbed Wire fencing specification

The GI barbed wire shall be well stretched in number of rows as specified with two diagonals. The spacing shall be at least 15cm from the ground and the rest shall be equidistant.

 The posts and struts shall be embedded in PCC 1:2:4 or as specified. It shall be fixed in line, level and plumb. The grouting concrete shall be cured for 7 days.

 The barbed wire shall be held to posts by means of GI staples, U clips or GI binding wire as specified.  Turn buckles and straining bolts shall be used at the ends.

Two struts shall be provided at the corners and at every 25M or post at change level. The length of the strut shall be 1.5 times the length of the post.

 Grouting of the hold fasts in CC block or fixing with expansion bolts.

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GI Barbed Wire fencing Measurement

GI Barbed Wire fencing is measured in running meter.

GI chain link fencing Fixing Method

GI chain link fencing 1.8 M high or the height as specified of approved quality & gauge  as specified as per  drawing / details using MS medium class box section poles and MS angles, flats, clits, base plates for frame work.

MS box section poles with necessary clits and MS base plate shall be fabricated and fixed in line, level at the specified distance in cement concrete M-15 block and fabricated frames fixed with GI chain link  with help of MS flat tightly securing with GI washers, bolts and nuts. 

The poles shall be grouted in cement concrete block of specified strength in the toe wall or ground, curing etc., painting entire work with anti-corrosive metal primer and two or more coats of enamel paint or Aluminium paint of approved shade & make.

Concrete bock, form work, drilling necessary holes in the clits for fixing the frames in position using GI bolts and nuts as specified as per approved drawing.

GI chain link fencing Fixing Measurement

GI chain link fencing Fixing is measured in running meter for Chain Link of specified height.


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