What is brick masonry work in construction

Brick masonry work in construction,Rates of Brick masonry work in construction,Measurement of Brick masonry work in construction,Brick masonry work contractor near me,Brick masonry work contractor
Brick masonry work in construction,Rates of Brick masonry work in construction,Measurement of Brick masonry work in construction,Brick masonry work contractor near me,Brick masonry work contractor
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IS codes used in Brick masonry work in construction

IS: 1077      Common burnt clay building bricks

IS: 3102      Classification of burnt clay bricks

IS: 2180      Burnt clay building bricks, heavy duty.

IS: 3495      Method of sampling and testing clay building bricks

IS: 2691      Burnt clay facing bricks

IS: 2221      Code of practice for brick work

IS: 2185      Load bearing hollow concrete blocks

IS: 5498      Lime-cement-cinder hollow concrete blocks

IS: 3115      Lime-cement cinder solid blocks

 IS:1597     Code of practice for construction of stone masonry (Part I).

IS: 12894 / 13757  Fly Ash Brick

 Properties of Brick used in Construction work

1. They shall be sound, hard, and homogenous in texture, well burnt in kiln without being vitrified, table moulded, deep red, cherry or copper coloured, of regular shape and size and shall have sharp and square edges and paralleled faces.

2. The bricks shall be free from pores, chips, flaws or humps of any kind. 

3. Bricks containing ungrounded particles and which absorb water more than 1/5th of their weight when soaked in water for twenty-four hours shall be rejected.

4. Over burnt or under burnt bricks shall be liable to rejection.

5. The bricks shall give a clear ringing sound when struck.  

 Mortar brick masonry| Mortar for Brick work in construction

i)  Mix for cement mortar shall be as specified for the work, as per the requirement of site.  Gauge boxes for sand shall be of such dimensions that one complete bag of cement containing 50 kgs. of cement forms one unit.  The sand shall be free from clay shale, loam, alkali, and organic matter and of sound, hard, clean and durable particles, sand  shall  be  thoroughly washed till it is  free  of  any contamination.   

      ii)   For preparing cement mortar the ingredients shall first be mixed thoroughly in dry condition.  Water shall then be added and mixing continued to give a uniform mix of required consistency. Cement mortar shall preferably be machine mixed, through mixing in a thorough manner may be allowed. The mortar so mixed shall be used within 30 minutes of mixing. Mortar left unused in the specified period shall be rejected.        

 iii)   The engineer shall arrange for test on mortar samples, re-tempering of mortar shall not be permitted.

How to calculate earth work excavation for foundation

How to do Brick work in construction| Workmanship Brick masonry work in construction

i) All bricks shall be thoroughly soaked in clean water for at least one hour immediately before being laid. The cement mortar for brick masonry work shall be as specified in the drawing or BOQ.  Brick work 230 mm thick and over shall be laid in English bond unless otherwise specified. While laying bricks shall be pressed in to the mortar and shoved into final position so as to embed the brick fully in mortar. Bricks shall be laid with frogs uppermost.        

 ii)  All brickwork shall be plumb, square and true to dimensions. Vertical joints in alternate courses shall come directly one over the other and be in line.   Horizontal courses shall be levelled.  The thickness of brick courses shall be kept uniform.  For walls of thickness greater than 230 mm both faces shall be kept in vertical planes.   No broken bricks shall be used except as closures.  Care shall be taken that the bricks forming the top corners and ends of the wall shall be properly radiated and keyed into position. No holes for scaffolding will be permitted into the brickwork. All interconnected brickwork shall be carried out at nearly one level (so that there is uniform distribution of pressure on the supporting structure) and no portion of the work shall be left more than one course lower than the adjacent work where this is not possible, the work shall be raked back accordingly to bond (and not saw toothed) at an angle not exceeding 45 dig.         

   iii) Bricks shall be so laid that all joints are well filled with mortar.  The thickness of joints shall not be less than 6mm and not more than 10 mm.  The face joint shall be raked to a minimum depth of 12mm by raking tools daily during the progress of work when the mortar is still green so as to provide a proper key for the plaster or pointing to be done. Where plastering or pointing is not required to be done the joints shall be uniform in thickness and be struck flush and finished at the time of lying. The face of brickwork shall be cleaned daily and all mortar droppings removed. The surface of each course shall be thoroughly cleaned of all dirt before another course is laid on top. If the mortar in the lower course has begun to set the joints shall be raked out to a depth of 12 mm before another course is laid.

iv)  All brickwork shall be built tightly against columns, floor slabs or other structural member.        

 v)  Where drawings. Indicate that structural steel columns are to be fireproofed with brickwork the brick shall be built closely against all flanges and webs with all spaces between the steel and bricks works filled solid with mortar. Steel member’s partly embedded in brickwork and not indicated to be fireproofed with concrete shall be covered with not less than 12mm thick .        

  vi)   The work shall be cured for 15 days.        

Mode of Measurement in Brick work in construction| Measurement of Brick work

i)  Brick work of thickness one brick i.e. 230 mm and above shall be paid in units of CuM.         

In all cases, the quantities measured shall be executed after making necessary deductions for openings etc. as given below: –  

 No deductions shall be done for openings up to 1000 sq. cm., ends of dissimilar materials, drainage holes, window/door holdfasts, concrete lintel bearings, landing slab bearing, beam bearing, chimney flues, cut-outs, iron fixtures, pipes up to 30cm diameter.      

For Example:- Length of the Room is 4 Meter x 3 meter with one door of 1mx 1.75 m and window of 1.2×1.2 with wall thickness of 230mm having height of  3 Meter then total quantity of Brick work ?

Calculation of Brick work Quantity
S.noDescriptionUomWall no/sidesLengthwidthDepthVolume
1Room wall of first two sidesCum2.
2Room wall of second two sidesCum2.
3Deduction DoorCum-
4Deduction windowCum-
 Total Qty of Brick work     8.93

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