DWC HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipes for Sewerage System

DWC HDPE Corrugated Pipe,HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipes,DWC HDPE Corrugated Pipe for Sewerage System
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HDPE pipes shall be double wall corrugated (DWC) conforming to IS: 16098 & Jointing pipes and fittings shall be rubber ring.

 Excavation of HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipes for Sewerage System

Alignment and grade of DWC  HDPE Pipes

The sewer pipes shall be laid to alignment and gradient shown on the drawings but subject to such modifications as shall be ordered by the No deviations from the lines, depths of cutting or gradients of sewers shown on the plans and sections.

 Opening out trenches

In excavating the trenches, etc. The solid road metalling, pavement, kerbing, etc. And turf is to be placed on one side and preserved for reinstatement when the trenches or other excavation shall be filled up. Before any road metal is replaced, it shall be carefully sifted.

The surface of all trenches and holes shall be restored and maintained. The Engineer should grub up and clear the surface over the trenches and other excavations of all trees, stumps roots and all other encumbrances affecting execution of the work and shall remove them from the site.

 Obstruction of roads

The engineer should not occupy or obstruct by his operation more than one half of the width of any road or street and sufficient space shall then be left for public and private transit, he shall remove the materials excavated and bring them back again when the trench is required to be refilled.

Excavation of DWC  HDPE Pipes to be taken to proper depths

 The trenches shall be excavated to such a depth that the sewer shall rest on concrete as described in the several clauses relating thereto and so that the inverts may be at the levels given in the sections.

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DWC  HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipes for Sewerage System Laying and jointing Method

Pipes are liable to be damaged in transit and not withstanding tests that may have been made before dispatch each pipe shall be examined carefully on arrival at site.

Each pipe shall be rung with a wooden hammer or mallet and those that do not ring true and clear shall be rejected. Sound pipes shall be carefully stacked to prevent damage. All defective pipes should be segregated, marked in a conspicuous manner and their use in the works prevented.

  1. The pipes shall be laid with sockets leading uphill and rest on solid and even foundations for the full length of the barrel.

Socket holes shall be formed in the foundation sufficiently deep to allow the pipe jointer room to work right round the pipe and as short as practicable to admit the socket and allow the joint to be made.

c) Where pipes are not bedded on concrete the trench bottom shall be left slightly high and carefully bottomed up as pipe laying proceeds so that the pipe barrels rest on firm ground. If excavation has been carried too low it shall be made up with cement concrete.

d) If the bottom of the trench consists of rock or very hard ground that cannot be easily excavated to a smooth surface, the pipes shall be laid on cement concrete bed to ensure even bearing.

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