Vision Panel Door|Vision Panel Door Glass Specification

Vision Panel Door|Vision Panel Door Glass Specification
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What are wooden shutter doors?

Wooden shutter doors shall be made of solid Block Board core, Cross bands and first class commercial ply face veneering from selected, strong and durable hardwoods. The hardwood battens shall be given a preservative treatment by vacuum pressure impregnation. Thereafter the planks shall be kiln seasoned to adjust to uniform moisture content. The Block Board core, cross bands and face veneers shall be bonded together under heat and pressure using BWP type liquid phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin adhesives. The door will have a 5 ply construction with frames made up of stiles and rails to hold a solid Block Board core. Two layers of cross bands will cover the Block Board core and two face first class commercial ply veneering will cover the whole sandwich. The cross bands and face veneers will be coated with BWP type phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin. The finished doors will be given preservative chemical marine treatment.

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Vision Panel Door|Vision Panel Door Glass Specification

What are vision panel door

Vision Panel Door are doors which have a small window in door, it is in door is used for various purpose such as like aesthetics, safety or to permit the transfer of light.

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Vision Panel Door Glass Specification

 All the glass for the Vision Panel of Size in the wooden flushed doors with Clear Toughened Glass, and shall be of Indian make confirming to relevant IS specification. It shall be free from waves and bubbles and all defects.

Toughened glass thickness for windows in Vision Panel

6 mm thick glass or plate glass for panes up to 1500 sq. cm

 8 mm thick glass or plate glass for panes up to 12000 sq. cm

 12 mm thick glass or plate glass for panes above 12000 sq. cm

It should be clearly understood that glass which does not have uniform refractive index or which is wavy, will be rejected. The glazing shall be fixed with teak wood beading.

         It shall conform to IS: 1761. Glass pan should not vibrate or give rattling sound when tapped. Woodwork shall not be painted oiled or otherwise treated before it has been approved by the Architect/client. 

 Beading and architraves shall conform to the shapes shown on drawings or as approved and fixed by means of screws (counter sunk or otherwise) or bolts.

 Mode of Measurement of Vision Panel

Vision Panel is measured in NOS. 

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