Types of building materials used in construction

Types of rocks images,Sedimentary rocks images, Igneous rock images,metamorphic rock images,Quarrying,building materials used in construction
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What are the construction building materials

If we go with the engineering technology then there are three types of building materials use in the construction industry, it is very much necessary that civil engineer should have basic knowledge of this type of materials. These are the basics of civil engineering and it should be known by the every fresher civil engineer.

Types of building materials used in construction

The materials which are used for the construction purpose can be broadly classified into two three groups-

  1. Cementing materials
  2. Solid materials such as stones, brick, iron e.t.c
  3. Protective materials such as plaster, Paints etc

What does stone mean

Stones are obtained from the rocks. They are natural member and can be used for the construction of building ,bridges, dams and monuments.

What is a rock

Rocks are basically of many minerals compose together in chemical reaction.

Types of rocks

Types of rocks images,Sedimentary rocks images, Igneous rock images,metamorphic rock images

These are of three types of Rocks-

Types of rocks images,Sedimentary rocks images, Igneous rock images,metamorphic rock images

what is sedimentary rock and example

  1. Sedimentary rocks- these rocks are formed by the deposition of Broken product of rocks and compressed in Earth from millions of years, best example of this sandstone, limestone, dolomite and shales. If you want to understand this in your daily to daily life then you can find these rocks at the edges of lakes rivers. These are basically found by sediments which get collected by the running water at the edges of river.

what is Igneous rock and example

  1. Igneous rocks- basically you all know during volcanic eruption Lava came out from volcanoes Get Collected under the Earth surface in the form of magma, these are formed by the cooling of Magma beneath the Earth’s surface. Types of rocks are generally hard these types of rocks are generally hard best example of this Rocks are granite,basalt etc.

what is metamorphic rock and example

  1. metamorphic rocks- these are types of Rock which are formed by change in character structure and min composition they are subjected to great heat and pressure. If you want to find the day today example of this rock then marble ,slate are the best examples available nearby. You all have understand what are rocks and how important they are for the construction industry, basically stones which we see in our daily life are form from the rocks.

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What is quarrying?

These rocks structure are of larger size so we have to reduce the size of this rock into the size which we required for our construction purpose. Quarrying is basically the process of taking out stone from the natural rock.
Quarrying is done by blasting of softer and then stones from this can be excavated by Hand tools. Then they are cut into suitable size with the suitable services of quality stones is called a dressing of stones. dressing is done by using tools such as chisel , hammer etc.

We will be writing next many articles on Types of building materials used in construction which are not covered in this article. If you want to learn more about Civil Engineering , visit this Link- Civil Engineering

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