RCC road construction process- Trimix flooring

RCC road construction process- Tremix flooring
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RCC cement concrete road construction process

We in RCC road construction process today article topic discuss about the construction of   RCC Pavements in Cement Concrete M-20. The cement concrete  of grade M-20 as per designed mix to be laid in roads, pavements, kerbs  laid on the prepared base, compacting with needle and surface vibrator, finishing, floating  the top surface or striped / broom finish in required panels as per drawing including, providing maintaining and finishing the construction/expansion joints, form work, reinforcement, curing etc .

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RCC road construction process- Tremix flooring
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RCC road construction process-Trimix flooring

First step for the RCC road construction process is surface dressing and providing the proper level and slopes and earth cutting and filling according to drawing.

Second step is rolling of the surface with the help of vibro roller or tendon roller but we recommend you to use vibro roller as it get the best compaction result. Kerbs  to be laid over the edge of concrete pavement .  

Third step is GSB/ PCC as mentioned in the drawing.

Fourth step is The reinforcement steel shall be as per the drawing.

Fifth Step is dividing the road in form of panels with the help of channels. The road / pavement to be cast with or without alternate panels as per  drawings  not exceeding 3.5 M in width and 6.0 M in length with uniform or staggered joints   shall be laid in required line, level maintaining necessary slope as per drawing .

Sixth Step is the grooves of construction / expansion joints shall be filled with granular sand till these filled with the joint filler.

Vacuum De-watered cement concrete of grade M-20-Trimix flooring

 Vacuum De-watered cement concrete of grade M-20 in pavements, roads over prepared sub-base with or without  alternate panels as per drgs in required thickness for required sizes  in line level maintaining slope including form work using MS channels of  required  height, compacting with needle / surface  vibrator, leveling with trimix, surface vibrator, Vacuum De-watering with trimix vacuum pump, floating and further compaction with trimix skin floater equipped with floating disc, cutting the concrete with concrete cutting machine for contraction/ expansion joints of size 6x12mm to 12x25mm deep or as specified / providing stripped / broom finish evenly.

Mode of Measurement of RCC cement concrete road:

RCC cement concrete road shall be measured in CuM. Concreting, Reinforcement, expansion joint filler and construction of kerbs shall be measured separately.

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