POP PUNNING | POP Wall Punning Measurement| Gypsum Plaster Wall Punning

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Plaster of Paris punning Plaster is generally applied on already cement plastered surface to give it a smooth and even surface.

POP Wall Punning Methods-

POP Wall Punning preparation of surface:

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Projecting burrs of mortar formed during existing cement plaster shall be removed. The surface shall be scrubbed clean with wire brushes. In addition the plastered surface shall be pock marked with painted tool, at spacing of not more than 4 cm centers and depth of pocks to be approx. 3 mm deep.

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This is to ensure a proper key for the plaster. The surface shall be cleaned of all oil and grease marks etc.

What is Plaster of Paris?

The Plaster of Paris shall be of semi-hydrate variety calcium sulphate. It shall not be

too quick setting. Initial setting time shall not be less than 17 minutes.

POP Wall Punning Application:

The material will be mixed with water to a workable consistency. Plaster of Paris shall

be applied directly on the wall plasters in suitable sizes panels and finished to smooth surfaces by

steel trowels. The plaster shall be applied in such a manner that it fully fills the gaps the thickness over the plastered surface is as specified int. the description of the item. The finished surfaces shall be smooth and true to plane, slopes or curves as required.

POP Wall Punning Measurement

POP Wall Punning Measurement is done in Square Meter or Square foot. POP Ceiling Punning Measurement is also done in Square Meter or Square foot. While POP Cornice in the room is made in Running Meter and Running Feet other than this if any Fan cornice or Light Cornice then that is measured in numbers.

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