Personal Safety top 5 Android apps

Personal Safety Android apps,Personal Safety apps,Personal Safety android app,Personal Safety mobile Android apps

Personal Safety top 5 Android apps

There are a million reasons for you to buy a smartphone. One solid reason is that it can ensure your safety all the time. Your life is valuable and your well-being is important. People argue that these things to be kept in top priority are not given much attention in this modern era. The fact is that it has never been possible to ensure your safety and well-being like today. Who makes this possible? Some efficiently developed apps for personal alert.

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 Personal Safety Android apps,Personal Safety apps,Personal Safety android app,Personal Safety mobile Android apps

Personal Safety top 5 Android apps

bSafe – Personal Safety App

This app is a personal security app for both daily and emergency use. It works mainly by using a network of people whom you know and trust. You can ask them to keep track of you by sharing GPS data. There is provision for you to provide them with a video of you and your surroundings. You may also use some unique services like fake calls and timer mode operation.

Safetipin: Complete Safety App

Safetipin is an app designed for women safety in a unique manner so as to avoid being just another app that works on emergency situation. It does this by including information about danger zones around you, lighting and security levels of your surroundings, a directory of public emergency numbers, and a wall where you can see comments on your neighbourhood.

MamaBear Family Safety

Mama Bear is a family security app. It is very useful in keeping track of your kids. This is not just about their physical safety but you get to know whom they are getting acquainted with online and much of their online activity. This is very important since teenagers in particular get into a lot of trouble online. It is also a great tool for kids to inform their parents if they get into trouble.

Safely Go

Safely go is an app to endure your safety while driving. A lot of people complain that their phones are a distraction while driving. If you switch them off instead you are likely to miss a very important call or message. Safely Go lets you list three important contacts who may have to call you urgently and sends a message to all others that you are driving if they call or text you.

Raksha – Personal Safety App

Raksha is a very simple app based on GPS location sharing. This light but very useful is highly rated in the Play Store. Its working is simple – share your location with your family and friends when you are in trouble. The SOS message can be activated either by pressing the power button a certain number of times set previously or tapping the red button. It is completely free of cost.

Personal security apps are not just for the weaker sections of the society. Developers have been keen on ensuring their usability for almost everyone alike. Although some apps are designed particularly for them others can take benefit from some other apps related to the issues concerning them.  When you have an option to care about yourself and your loved ones with ease you may not ignore it.

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