MS Rolling shutter specification| MS Rolling shutter measurement

MS Rolling shutter specification,MS Rolling shutter Measurement,Mechanical Rolling Shutter,Gear Operated Rolling Shutter
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MS Rolling shutter specification

The rolling shutters shall confirm to IS 6248 of reputed approved make and shall be of 18 gauge MS solid laths or grill with all the accessories such as top cover conform to the size indicated in drawings.

MS Rolling shutter specification| MS Rolling shutter measurement
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The rolling slats shall be in one piece and be made of heavy gauge cold rolled steel strips. The thickness of the sheets from which the lathe sections have been rolled shall be not less than 0.9mm for the shutters up to 3.5 m width and 1.2 mm for shutters above 3.5 M width. 

Depth of the guide shall be 65 mm for rolling shutters of width 3.5 M and 75 mm for width 3.5 to 8 M. A cylindrical hood shall be of MS sheet not less than 0.90 mm thick with appropriate MS angle/ flat stiffeners and of an approved profile shall be provided on the top to enclose the shutter when it is open.

 The rolling shutters shall be provided with suitable locking arrangements from inside and outside and deep channel guides. In case galvanised rolling shutters are specified the rolling shutter shall be made of hot dip galvanised slats hood, deep channel guides all preferably in one piece.

 The channels, guides shall be fixed with holding down bolts with PCC 1:2:4 (1 cement, 2 sand, 4 coarse aggregate of nominal size 12mm and down).

In case of hand operated pull and push type rolling shutters and very large gear operated rolling shutters of sizes larger than 10 SqM in area; they shall be provided with ball bearings for smooth and efficient operation.

In case of large rolling shutters and depending upon local wind conditions, the rolling shutters should be provided with special locking type of wider channel guides or it shall be provided with central movable channel supports to take up the design wind pressures in the area.

 The rolling shutters shall be painted with a shop coat of primer and upon fixing and finishing be painted with two or more coats of enamel paint of approved make and quality followed by a coat of primer at site.

Interlocking partly grilled rolling shutter

Rolling grills are similar in design, construction and operation to rolling shutters and all provision as mentioned above and shall be applicable to rolling grill and shall confirm to IS: 6248.

 Grill portion shall be fabricated with 8 mm diameter round bars. Straight bars and bent bars bent to the required profile are placed alternatively and held in position with 20 mm wide and 5 mm thick MS flat links. Straight bars shall space as per requirement 100 to 150 mm.

Mechanical Rolling Shutter – Gear Operated Rolling Shutter

In case of large opening with mechanical device, for opening the shutter the roller shall be fitted with a pinion wheel at one end which in contact with a worm fitted to the bracket plate , caging and pulley with two ball bearing shall be provided with liver box, pair of handles. The device should be able to be operated from both the side.

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Mode of Measurement of MS Rolling shutter

MS Rolling shutter is measured in Square meter. It shall be clear size of opening plus guide channels on both sides for width and 450mm on top for drum.

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