kota stone flooring Process and specifications

kota stone flooring Process and specifications
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kota stone Technical specifications

In the start of our article kota stone flooring Process and specifications, we first like to introduce to you specifications of kota stone, so that you can check the quality of material before us use that kota stone on your site.

Stones shall be of selected quality, hard, sound, dense and homogeneous  in texture free from cracks, decay weathering and flaws and of approved  quality, size and uniform thickness as specified in the item specification,  edges  shall be chisel dressed/ machine cut and the top surfaces shall be  machine polished with joints running true and parallel from side to side.

The sides (edges) shall be table rubbed with coarse sand or machine rubbed before paving. Stones should be laid on a bed of cement or lime mortar of specified mix and thickness.

The pattern of the flooring shall be as per the Architect’s drawing.

kota stone flooring Process

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Thickness of mortar bedding shall be as specified in the item specification however thickness any place shall not be less than 40 mm. The stone slabs shall be thoroughly wetted with clean water.

 Mortar of the specified mix shall be spread under the area of each slab in accordance with the overall slope, roughly to the average thickness as specified in item. It shall be pressed tapped with wooden mallet and brought to the level. The stone to be lifted and laid aside.

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The top surface of the mortar to be corrected by adding fresh mortar at hollows. The mortar is allowed to harden a bit and cement slurry of honey like consistency shall be spread over the same @ 4.4 Kg per SqM.

The edges of the slabs already paved to be buttered with cement with or without pigment. The slab to be tapped to desired level with a fine joint. The surplus cements slurry to be cleaned.

 Precautions for kota stone flooring

Care should be taken so that the stone slab is set over the bed and fixed over cement slurry without any hollow pocket. There should be no voids left underneath.

The joints should be struck smooth cleaned with wire/ coir brush and grouted with cement slurry of matching colour.

If specified terrazzo filling of specified thickness or strips of different stone strip shall be provided in the joints between the Kota stone slabs.

 The floor should be kept covered with damp sand or water for a week. After the joints have attained sufficient strength.

kota stone floor Polishing Process

The floors shall be machine polished using carboroundum stone of No. 60, followed by 120, 150 and final coat with 320 Grit stone to the desired finish.

Sufficient quantity of water shall always be used during polishing to prevent scratches.

After each coat of polish with grit No. 60, 120 / 150 the surface to be applied with cement slurry of matching shade and cured before next polish is taken up.

After final polish with No. 320 stone, the surface to be cleaned with water and dried.

Oxalic acid shall then be dusted over the surface @ 33 gms sprinkled with water and rubbed hard with Namadah blocks with machine.

 Wax polishing shall be carried out as specified in the item specification by applying wax over the cleaned surface and sprinkling dry saw dust when the wax is set and then polish with machine fitted with Namadah or woolen rags block.

The used saw dust shall then be swept to get polished surface. Care should be taken that the saw dust used is free from dust particles or any impurities. The final surface should not show any trace of wax when polished.

 The finished floor shall be mopped with water mixed with kerosene for 10 times in next 7 to 10 days.

The general slope for any area as per the drawing / directions of the Engineer shall be provided in sub base / PCC and or the grade slab as the case may be.

To avoid Excess thickness of bedding mortar, The engineer should mark the levels well in advance and preceding course should be laid accordingly.

 The Engineer should also make level marks as per the final finished floor level before taking up the flooring work.

Rate Analysis of kota stone flooring for Tender work

For Rate Analysis of kota stone flooring for Tender work, it should be keep in mind that the rate include providing and laying, curing, machine polishing, cleaning etc. all complete.

For Rate Analysis of Kota stone

Stone generally cost around 400/sqm and labour cost around 269/sqm including transportation loading, unloading and other factor contractor profit it rate should be 980/sqm for tender rate.

Note- This may varry due to the change in place so please consider the rate of material at market and labout in your region before final fillingh of rates in tender.          

  Mode of Measurement of kota stone flooring for Billing work-

kota stone flooring  is  measured in square Meter. (In this you will get paid only for the room area, so before filling any rates include wastage and all)

For example- If room is of 4 Meter x 3 meter, then flooring area will be =4×3=12 square meter.

If you have any comments and suggestion on our article kota stone flooring Process and specifications. Feel free to contact for any billing , Tender rate analysis work for government and private projects. If you want to connect with me – Vivek Mishra

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