How to upgrade Android version for Micromax Mobiles

Upgrade Android version Micromax,Upgrade Android version MICROMAX,Upgrade Android version
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Upgrading android version in Micromax mobiles can be done either by going to service center or in home by rooting. When you see updates available for your Micromax Mobile Go to service center, they will update for you else use the following method.

Before starting the topic, we clarify that we are not responsible for any harm to your mobile doing this process. We suggest if you are noob in this field, better visit service center and get your phone updated by them.

 Upgrade Android version Micromax,Upgrade Android version MICROMAX,Upgrade Android version

Upgrade Android version for Micromax Mobiles:-

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So let’s start the Method:-

You need the update files to be installed in your phone. In my case, I am upgrading to android 4.2. Download the complete package. Now we have the android 4.2 firmware for our Micromax mobile.

Now you have to download the flash tool and the drivers. Download the SP Flash Tool to flash the mobile and the driver’s i.e. Mobistel Cynus T1 Drivers.

Now all the tools are ready we have to prepare for flash. Follow the next steps

  1. Install the drivers
  2. Unzip the flash tool and drivers to separate folders on your PC.
  3. The open the flash_tool.exe from flash tool folder.
  4. Click on scatter-loading button (on the left) and select the scatter loading file from the unzipped firmware folder.
  5. Now switch off your micromax phone and keep it switch off.
  6.  Now in flash tool go to options and select USB mode.
  7. After enabling USB mode, you have to go to options menu again and then to DA Download All under the USB mode and then click on speed and select High Speed.
  8. Now, Go to the Firmware Menu then Upgrade option, click on it then Flash tool will search your phone.
  1. Now connect your micromax mobile to the PC via USB in switched off state. After that the flash tool will start flashing your phone.
  2. You can see the progress by the colorful progress bar on the bottom bar of the flash tool.
  3. After Finish, a green ring will be displayed on a separate window.
  4. Now disconnect the phone from USB, Remove the battery and insert it again.
  5. Switch on your phone, a TP update will going on Mobile. Don’t touch the display. After the update, the phone is ready to use.

So you have now the Micromax mobile phone with latest updates. Your phone is running with latest OS. Cheers, you have done it.

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