Use of the best camera phone More than just taking picture

Mobile Camera in Today’s  Generation, is a basic part of mobile phone but this story was not same in old times. When first camera was introduced by manufacturers then they find a reason to hike prices and people buy them just by thinking it a status symbol. In today time camera have various avatars not only used for clicking images and making videos and it’s range also changed while we talk about money or pixels as you can take a example of a iPhone 8 coming up with 21-megapixels camera.

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How to make best use of smartphone camera

1.Ever note:-

 A application available in iphone ,Blackberry, Windows phone. Think of situation you want to include a picture a picture in your presentation you just take a picture and add little note to it or even if you want to remember anything just take a picture and add note to it. Evernote just take a photograph you wanted to write about-A presentation slide, A document, A building and we just apply a little note to it.Even sping pad are used for this purpose this can be used in iphone and android phone.

2.Card Scanner:-

 Application used for this purpose is Worldcard mobile available in iphone and android phone and alternate for this business card reader used in Blackberry. Think of situation you have to enter 10 contact detail which one will be easier for you taking picture of visiting card and contact will be saved or by toying contact .This is what best part of Worldcard mobile. It is a application present in Smartphone to save your time from writing your detail.

 3. Information Provider:- 

 Application used for this purpose is Wikitude available in iphone and android phone,Symbian,Windows Phone and similar application to it is Layer available in iphone and android phone,Symbian,Blackberry Phone. Think of situation you went to any new place then you want to know information about a particular building in front of you Then what will you do? You can only locate through GPS but don’t gather information about that building at that time Wikitude will be helpful for you.You just point your camera toward building you will get the information.

4. Document scanner:- 

 Application used for this purpose is Doc Scanner available in iphone and android phone,Symbian.If you have good quality camera on your phone. Then you can use it as Document Scanner and Pdf generation. It will not give result of excellent quality but Result provide is more than enough in some cases.

5.Shopping Helper:- 

 Application used for this purpose is ShopSavvy. ShopSavvy is  available in iphone and  similar application to it is Google Googles which is available in iphone and android phone. It is best of all the shopping assistant as you just have to take out your camera and scan it’s Barcode it will tell you that product price and review and you can even take out the picture of that product and search on web. This application has few limitations such as it work only with branded product and for good result you need good internet connection.

 6.Contact Manger:- 

 Application used for this purpose is Evernote Hello. Evernote Hello  which is available in iphone.There are limited application in this category But it best use is if you have many contact and you have to manage them. It let you take picture automatically record the location where you meet them to help you to better remember the people adding places and faces to name.

What I say on How to make best use of smartphone camera ?:-

 I just like to say that if iphone 8 going to have 21 mega pixel camera then what you say about Apple black hole iphone and Apple palm phone, how much pixel will they have and as I love to do shopping so I support shopsavvy best use of camera after taking picture but these different have different role and are very useful tools. So now go and experience these tool and come up with your comment what do you say about these application and your experiences with these application’s and if you want you can even write for us.

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