How to increase website traffic in Simple Steps 

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One thing your blog needs after you’ve written couple of blog posts is traffic. Nothing else will be of help than trying to attract some people to your blog so that they can read what you’ve posted. If you don’t have enough traffic on your website, making money from your efforts may become hard for you and you only need to make proper use of your opportunity as a blogger by making sure that you drive more visitors to your blog.

increase website traffic ways,increase website traffic methods,increase website traffic ideas 2017,increase website traffic by blog,increase website traffic tips tricks

How to increase website traffic in Simple Steps

Whenever you wanted to make your website improve, you should start focusing on ways to improve your traffic rate and the best way to do so is by following the tips listed below:-

Engage in Guest Posting for Other Blogs:-

Make sure that you are writing many more other posts for other blogs in your niche just like how you are doing for your blog. Because with this, the result you will get will be able to correlate with each other than focusing only on your own blog – spend your time for every blogs in your niche so that they can send you quality backlinks which in return will improve your SEARPs position and increase your Pagerank as well.

You can write as many post as you want for other blogs but like 5-10 posts per week is okay because if it is too much – it can also affect how Google sees your blog for spam SEO.

Comment on Other Blogs:-

This method has been for a very long time in driving traffic to websites and blogs – by commenting on other websites everyday, you are giving the readers of those blogs freewill to check what you’ve got to say on your own blog as well. But, there is one thing that will make blog commenting not to work for you and that thing is spamming (commenting on posts without reading its content and understanding them before sharing your comment). In commenting, just saying thank you for this post, very understood, well understood or you are the best etc. without any other words to make the sentence long will cause your comment to go to spam folder. Having your name in the spam folder also can affect your reputation because Akismet is going to mark your site as a spamming site – so, avoid that and get the best of the practice.

Increase your Blog Traffic

  Do Internal Linking Very Well:-

Internal linking structure will help your blog grow more than any other things – you should make sure that you link to at least two other posts in your blog that are related to what you are writing about because with this, your PR and authority will increase exponentially.

3 Simple ways to Increase your Blog Traffic

Befriend Top Bloggers:-

Friendship really helps when it comes to blogging and you should spend as much time as possible in making friend’s bloggers. This is how it works: when you’ve written a post for your website and before you publish it, you reference at least 1-3 other bloggers who have written something similar to what you are talking about and in return your blog will get good trackbacks on their site if they accept it. And in return you will also gain trackback – and assume such a website is a PR 6 website where your own blog is just PR0, that means you’ve got a backlink from a PR 6 blog and sooner your blog will get PR as well. Assume you wanted to write on Top 6 iPhone 5 apps, you can also link to a post on other big blogs that’s related to iPhone and Gadgets.

But, a note of warning here, this technique is working but only use it if you really want to reference other blogger’s work and not to just be doing it even if the articles doesn’t correlate with each other because Google also take note of that as well.

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