How do you get more followers on tiktok

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Tiktok one of the best time pass apps for the acting lover who loves to watch videos or who loves to do the acting . In that you just have to be creative and have good timing as dialogue and songs are provided in the app you just have to act. In this you have to work on your content lighting, lip syncing, practice dancing, slow mo filters.

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How do you get more followers on tiktok

Some tricks which i feel that you should use to get the good follower tiktok

1. On tiktok you have to cool and confident in expression and Location wise.

2. Use of social media to share the tiktok videos so that your reach get increase as much you reach people chances of getting more followers get increased.

3. Be Unique as you know on tiktok app many people act on the same dialogue and same songs so if you work with some unique or some great expression then you have more chance of getting more visitor.

4.Try and do as many trending hashtags

5. One more option that tiktok gives is duet so in that you can make duet with one who have good number of follower you get the chance of getting more followers.

6. If you want to Shoot a tiktok then shoot your video without holding your phone

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After Carry Minati roast Amir Siddiqui,The ongoing YouTube vs TikTok CarryMinati’s roast video battle between the YouTubers and TikTok users . Recently, popular YouTuber and content creator Ajey Nagar Carry Minati shared his roast video featuring Tik Tokers (TikTok users) and it went viral for his perfect research and humor.

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