Gypsum board false ceiling Installation

Gypsum board false ceiling Installation requires, Gypsum board false ceiling with necessary GI frame work/suspenders as per the specifications of India Gypsum Ltd. or approved equivalent in the profile as per architects drawing.

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Suspenders (hangers) shall be of 4mm diameter GI rods to be fixed with GI fasteners, carriers and holding rails as per the specifications of the false ceiling manufacturer.

The gypsum board to be joined and finished so as to have a flush look which includes filling and finishing the tapered and square edges of the board with jointing compound and applied with paper tape and a coat of primer suitable for gypsum board and providing and applying two coats of plastic emulsion or synthetic enamel paint by first applying putty, then primer and surface preparation to make the surface smooth.

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This Gypsum board false ceiling demand is increasing it can be also seen by the news that Global gypsum market value will increase from $2.41 billion in 2020 to $3.56 billion by 2030 and The gypsum board market size is expected to reach $70 billion in the next 5 years,so if you are a Gypsum board false ceiling contractor you just have to focus on the mastered the art of carving gypsum, that requires long years of learning, relentless perseverance and durable attention.

If anyone feeling that dampness can affect their false ceiling then for them moisture-resistant plaster boards that protect walls from dampness. These come with anti-bacterial properties that prevent the rise of any molds or microbial growth.

Gypsum board false ceiling Contractor in Lucknow

If you are in search of Gypsum board false ceiling Contractor in Lucknow, then you can contact Buildwell Creations (their whatsapp no 9792004322), they have the expert artisans craft and they install ornate gypsum works to give your ceilings, pillars and walls a stylish new look.

Gyproc gypsum board false ceiling Installation

Gypsum board false ceiling price

Gypsum board false ceiling price or gypsum board false ceiling cost from 60 per square feet to 90 per square feet, depending upon the quality of material used.

Gypsum board false ceiling method of Measurement

Gypsum board false ceiling Method of Measurement is in square meter or square feet, but sometime many contractor ask you price for some part for running feet and some part for square feet. Don’t go with that method as it can let you loss, give 5-10 Rs more in square feet and make the measurement flat of the room size that will save your money.

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