Granite stone flooring | Granite flooring price

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Granite stone flooring Applications

Granite stone flooring is one of the expensive flooring if we compare this with the tiles and normal marbles, People who want rich specification in their house. People like granite stone for flooring as this give the beauty in their house. Granite flooring for staircase is generally recommended in all modern houses. People generally use black granite flooring in stair case with the pea white Granite or Asian top granite.

granite flooring price,granite flooring cost,granite stone for flooring,granite and tile near me,black granite floor tiles
Granite Flooring used in this image at Col Pillars , beams and base where plants are placed.

 Granite flooring is used at many places such as house, flats, commercial, educational and other buildings and various construction works.

Granite flooring Method

In Granite flooring first method is check of the granite –

The Granite stone shall be natural pre polished, to mirror finish, machine cut of best quality uniform thickness, and approved colour, pattern and the size free from any flaws, surface irregularity and of specified origin.

 The size of the stone and laying pattern shall be as per the architectural drawings.

The Engineer at site should mark the layout over cleaned base and lay the slabs over dry sand bed to decide / get the laying pattern approved.

The stones shall be kept aside and sand be cleaned.

Second step Preparation of the surface for the Granite flooring

The surface of bed concrete to be cleaned and applied with  moisture barrier of epoxy coating of approved quality and make as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

Exposed edges of the Stones slabs for platform top, treads / cills shall be suitably rounded of as per details / directions.

Third step is Granite flooring Installation process

 Stone to be laid  over average 40 mm thick cement mortar 1:4 ( 1 cement : 4 parts sand ) with  cement slurry @ 4.4 Kg .The joints shall be minimum, the slabs shall be accurately without gap however the hair joints to be cleaned and grouted with matching coloured cement,  curing , polishing, protection of finished surface by covering with alkathin sheets and coating with plaster of Paris for allowing normal working for other agencies like interior / AC  etc ,  cleaning the same finally  etc.

Measurement of Granite stone flooring

 Granite stone flooring is measured in SqM. While Tender rate analysis of Granite stone flooring on should consider the wastage in granite and, Plaster of paris as the wall cladding (dado) generally include cost of plaster of Paris for holding the stone slabs in position.

  Granite flooring price

Granite flooring price per square foot vary from 65 per sqft- 350 per sqft for material, if you want to go for the normal granite, if you want to go for the premium ranges you can order that by searching the granite and tile near me on Google.

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Labour Rate of granite flooring price per square foot

Labour Rate of granite flooring price per square foot vary from 25/Sqft to 50/sqft or even more it depend upon the quantity of the work and type of the work.

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