Brick bat coba waterproofing |Bathroom waterproofing treatment

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Brick bat coba waterproofing procedure

1. 115mm thick cement based brickbat water proofing treatment

The terrace or area to be cleaned, removing any over burden, mortar droppings etc and finally cleaned with coir brush. To start with the levels to be checked and level marks to be provided as per slope.

Brick bat coba waterproofing |Bathroom waterproofing treatment

The area to be wetted and applied with thin cement slurry and  first layer of about 20mm thick cement mortar CM 1:3 (1 part cement, 2 parts coarse sand) mixed with waterproofing compound to be added with cement as per manufacturer’s specification.

Then brickbats out of well burnt bricks shall be laid over this in required slopes and levels as per the drawings and the instructions of the Engineer impregnating in base mortar with gap of 12 mm all around.

The brick bats shall be sound and shall be either half brick or trimmed to suit the final slope. Brick bats should be prepared separately and should not be stacked on the same terrace where waterproofing treatment is taken up.

The layer shall be cured for 3 days. The joints of already laid brick bats shall then grouted with cement mortar mixed with water proofing compound followed by application and filling with cement mortar CM 1:3 (1 cement: 3 coarse sand) mixed with waterproofing compound with due compaction so as to achieve a layer of around 15 to 20 mm over the brick bats.

The surface shall be well floated and finished and finally floated with cement slurry @ 2.75 kg per sq m finished smooth with thread marks at 300 x 300 in desired patterns.

All openings, sleeves, drains, pipes etc. shall be specially treated and made sure that they are water tight. The collection point near rain water pipe inlet to be depressed by 25 mm with slope .

To ensure that the ridges and valley is formed and proper slope is provided for efficient drainage of water. The treated area shall be cured with ponding the water at least for 15 days. 

 The sand to be used shall be screened, free from clay, silt, pebbles, organic matter and shall be 50% fine and 50% coarse.

2.  75mm thick cement based brickbat water proofing treatment

  75mm thick waterproofing is done in the area such as for balconies, sunk slabs, toilets, water tanks, slopping terrace, returns etc. with brick bat or stone aggregate of required size.

Waterproofing treatment of RCC water tanks/ lift pits INJECTION GROUTING

Mode of Measurement of Brick bat coba waterproofing:

Mode of Measurement of Brick bat coba waterproofing is done by the the plan area treated shall be measured in SqM.

Bathroom waterproofing treatment Method

Bathroom waterproofing treatment also called surface method shall be carried out in two parts (i) laying of brick bat coba with waterproofing compound in the sunken portions & (ii) waterproof plaster on bottom & sides of sunken portions taken about 600mm above the finished floor.

 Preparation of surfaces, grouting, injecting cement grout shall be done before the coba work starts. All the plumbers work shall then be got completed, tested & approved by the Architect/Engineer.

Brickbat coba & waterproof cement plaster shall then be completed in 1:4 (One part of cement and 4 parts of sand including water proofing chemical), the thickness on floor shall be around 35mm & on sidewalls around 25mm. The thickness on walls above floor level shall be around 15mm.

 Mode of Measurement of Bathroom waterproofing treatment

Bathroom waterproofing treatment measurement is done by the plan area treated shall be measured in SqM.

 Brick bat coba waterproofing rate analysis

Following points should be looked upon before the Brick bat coba waterproofing rate analysis-

1. This work is one of the most important works of civil construction and requires proper checking so this work should be carried out through an approved specialized agency. A guarantee certificate for a period of ten years against leakage shall be issued by the Contractor for free maintenance of the treated area, this required by the many clients, So while making the analysis you should consider these things.

      2. The work to be carried out at all the levels including lift and lead by the contractor.

      3. The returns shall be in 75 mm thick water proofing treatment and shall be measured separately in the other item. 

Rate Analysis of 115mm thick Brick bat coba waterproofing

SiteConstruction  at Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh
CODE AS PER DSR 2014DescriptionUnitQuantityRateAmount
 Detail of cost for 10 sqm i) Cement slury    
367PPC CementTonne0.02756000165.00
3.1 Rate as per Item No.3.10 of SH:Mortars   0.00
 iii) Roof treatment with brick bat and cement mortarcum0.2247077.381585.33
 iii) Roof treatment with brick bat and cement mortar   0.00
 MATERIAL   0.00
285Brick Aggregate (Single size) : 63 mm nominal sizecum0.9411281060.32
2260Carriage of Brick aggregatecum0.94112.79106.02
3.1Cement mortar 1:3 Rate as per Item No.3.10 of SH:Mortarscum0.57077.383538.69
 LABOUR   0.00
123Mason (brick layer) 1st classday0.0550025.00
 Extra labour for ramming   0.00
 iv) Cement slury   0.00
367Portland Cement (OPC-43 grade)Tonne0.02756000165.00
114Beldar   0.00
 v) 20 mm cement plaster 1:4 (1 cement : 4 coarse sand)   0.00
13.6.1Rate as per item no 13.6.1 of SH : Finishing sqm 10.00 252.40 2524.00(A) vi) Water proofing compound vi) Water proofing compound 27.50+27.50+69.40+124.00 = 248.40 kg @ 1 kg per bag of cement   0.00
1213Water proofing materials kilogram535175.00
 Extra for making chequers for 10 sqm   0.00
124Mason (brick layer) 2nd classday0.36450162.00
9999Chequer plateL.S13.651.7323.61
124Mason (brick layer) 2nd classday0.54450243.00
 Amount   8659.40
 Add 1 % Water charges   86.59
 Total Amount   8746.00
 Add 15 % Contractor’s profit and overheads   1311.90
 Total Amount   10057.90
 Rate for 1 sqm   1005.79

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