3 ways to sell best free themes online

Sell best free themes online

A website’s first impression is its theme or template. A web site may be done with much back-end coding but if it has not proper navigation user may face difficulty and just leave the site. So themes have a great value in webmaster market place. If you are a front-end developer i.e. make themes, you have two options; either you sell it for free or sell it to earn some revenue. For free give away just make a blog and post your theme there, but in this topic we will discuss about “3 ways to sell themes online”.

The best 3 platforms where you can sell your themes are

  • Selling at your own site
  • Selling at Themeforest
  • Selling at Forums/ebay

Selling at your own Site:

This is the best method still available on the internet. You can get direct cash to your pocket. With running your own site and selling themes you will get a brand value .People will directly rush to your sites for themes. So you have to setup an e-commerce site for selling themes. There are various methods; you can try woocommerce for wordpress or opencart, magento etc e-coomerce platforms. But for a simple and new start woocomerce for wordpress is recommended. So take some screen shots of your theme then add to your site with the theme. Put the theme price as per your wish. If you are selling a WordPress theme, set price in between 50$ to 100$, as it’s the normal range .So setup your website with some international payment gateways like Paypal, Payza etc. Put your website signature in the footer of every theme and choose an interesting and short website name. Now the main part is promotion, without promotion it’s hard to be popular on the net. So for some month, year you have to promote it via social media e.g. Facebook or directly via ad services like Adwords, Chitika etc. Before promotion you must have minimum 10-20 themes and must be good looking with reasonable price.

Selling at Themeforest:

Themeforest, The giant market place of themes is an open source place where theme creators can also sell their themes. The theme makes who don’t have time to manage sites, can use this service. Just create theme upload it with screen shot and demo URL then set the price and finish. You can see the sales of your theme in the user account area. So after some sales you can withdraw whenever you want. Not only create themes for normal wordpress users, create themes for hotels, Restaurants, Institutes etc also. For uploading themes to Themeforest you have to first create an account then follow their rules and guidelines before publishing a theme. You can start it from here: http://themeforest.net/make_money/become_an_author  .they have two options Non-Exclusive author and Exclusive author. In Non-Exclusive author you can sell themes on Themeforest as well as on other market places. The commission rate here is 30%. With Exclusive author you can’t sell the themes on other market places, which you have published on Themeforest. The commission rate for Exclusive author is 50-70%.The commission rate will be adjusted as per the total earnings. Themeforest market place is powered by Envato. So get ready to sell themes at Themeforest.

Selling at Forums/ebay.

The final and easiest way of selling is “Selling at forums or ebay” .There are various forums on net who have a buy and sell section. So you can register there and start selling your themes. All you have to do is make some screen shots of your theme, having a demo URL and international payment module e.g. paypal. So before selling you must agree to their terms and condition. After all create your new thread and start selling. Some popular forums for selling are digitalpoint, warrior forum etc. You can sell a ebay also .you have to create a seller account and list your theme as a product.  Put all description on item description.

So start selling your themes. Thank you

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