How Cell Phones Reveal Your Location

Cell Phones Reveal Your Location,Cell Phones Reveal Your Location,Phones Reveal Your Location
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Cell Phones Reveal Your Location

You may be thinking how Cell Phones reveal your location. After reading this topic you may not have the doubt anymore. This process is utilizes DATA with efficient manner just as when bulk LAN Switch/router process. And without a phone call, it may take more than a week to find proper location of your cell phone. This process uses RX diversity, reflected signal, BER, etc. The communication is encoded. If you get the chance to record the communication, it’s impossible to decode them. This can be done with many devices equal to a BSC. Algorithms are different in GSM or other network.

  Cell Phones Reveal Your Location,Cell Phones Reveal Your Location,Phones Reveal Your Location

The tracking is covered by  a Mobile Station. When Mobile station is turned on, It communicates with Mobile Transmission processor (or known as Mobile Network core ) every second by sending many data’s to the service center known as ServiceCHannels . This ServiceCHannels are encoded to a single signal. Its doesn’t need wheather to turned on your phone or not

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The encoded data’s from Mobile Station Location, RX Level -dBm, PowerReflected level, BER etc are decoded via BSC. Voices channels are not decoded instead physical channel are decoded to find the physical location, where the call has been done.

Track mobile phone location:-


Geo-locating also advance feature of new smart phones. With this feature, you can get relevant search results as per your location. Smart Phones have a GPS chip set inside and the chipset communicates with satellite to calculate the exact location. When GPS signal is not available, the satellite communicates with relevant cell phone towers to calculate the approximate location. As far as the sky is clear, the GPs will show exact location of your phone. Now A-GPS also performs great locating areas. Google is now using this geo-locating feature in their mobile G-Map app.

However sharing geo-location is not always safe. E.g. when you leave home, you sacrifices some of your privacy. So sharing location on go will put you at risk. However the services works hard to hide your location as far as possible when you don’t need.

Some Popular services use geo-location is.


Google uses Geo-Location feature to show relevant search results . It means if you searching from India then in Google search first preference is Indian sites.


Facebook uses this feature in various function starting from finding friends to in chat box.


It uses this feature to show restaurants around your area.

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